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Blogging & the Independent Author

A blog is probably one of the most effective tools that an independent author can utilize for marketing. We’ve spent much time looking at blogs written by self-published authors and we have seen what we believe is a common mistake: forgetting for whom the blog is written. Remember who your audience is: your readers and potential readers, not other writers.

Should the self-published author hire a professional for interior page design?

Maybe. We will restrict our discussion to traditional print editions. For purposes of this article, we will define interior page design as the organization of various elements (i.e., content) on the interior pages of a book. Content may include such elements as text, figures, tables, graphs, images, page number, headings, footers, footnotes, and white space. Obviously, font size, type, spacing, and color play an important role. One must also consider page size, margins, and the gutter in placement of the elements. The overall goal is to create a readable and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Publication Services for Self-Published Authors

We offer a variety of support services for self-published authors. Services include e-book conversions, interior page layout and design, and copy-editing. Our business model is focused on helping the independent author whose goal is to publish commercial fiction for income. Consequently, we have fashioned our services and fees to best serve not only our clients' artistic interests but their business interests as well. Click here for more information.

The company focuses on publication of novels of speculative fiction as well as publication of Quantum Realities, a free quarterly e-magazine. Jaxas Publishing also provides support services to business-minded self-publishing authors.

Mr. Grimsley is an active writer and has an established history in academic publications. As an undergraduate, he was a founding member of the undergraduate academic journal, The Missouri Valley Journal of Social Science, which is currently published by Creighton University. In law school, he served as a staff member, Articles Editor, and eventual Editor-in-Chief of the South Dakota Law Review. Mr. Grimsley is the author of Prometheus Comes and the Editor-in-Chief of Quantum Realities.