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About Jaxas Publishing Company

The founder of Jaxas practiced law for nearly a decade before leaving the profession and starting his own writing career as an author and publisher. While he didn't think much of the legal profession, he did value the concept of the client. Jaxas does not have customers, it has clients. Customers are profit centers and the sole goal for a business with customers is to derive as much revenue from each customer as possible. Clients, on the other hand, are served by professionals, and a client's interests are put before that of the professional.

Jaxas Publishing was founded by Shawn M. Grimsley. Prior to starting Jaxas Publishing, Mr. Grimsley practiced law for about ten years. He left the legal profession to write full-time and start Jaxas Publishing. He has over six years of experience teaching college level writing courses.

One of the hardest hurdles facing the self-publishing author is the production and other transactional costs of publishing a book. While the e-book revolution has dramatically reduced the costs of self-publication, and concomitantly increased the chance of turning a profit, costs still persist. Costs may include fees from printers or print on demand services, cover art, copy-editing, page layout for print books, and formatting for e-books. The self-publishing author also must develop a marketing plan to promote the author's book. It is often the case that the self-publishing author will make less money off the book than the vendors the author utilizes to produce and promote it.

Jaxas' goal is to provide professional support for its clients in a cost effective manner in light of the realities of self-publication. Jaxas' services and fees are designed to provide the maximum possible value to a self-publishing author at the lowest reasonable price to give the self-publishing author the best possible chance of making a return on the author's investment in the publication of a book. In other words, Jaxas will never recommend a service to a self-publishing author that the author does not need nor charge an unreasonable fee to accomplish the client's goals.