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Welcome to Jaxas Publishing Company. We specialize in speculative fiction emphasizing polemic social science fiction. Jaxas Publishing focuses on three distinct activities.

Publishing Novels of Speculative Fiction

Jaxas Publishing focuses on publication of speculative fiction. We are particularly interested in social science fiction with an eye towards the polemic. We publish novels in traditional print format and all major e-book formats. Our books can be found online at Amazon, the Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble, Apple's iBook Store, and other fine online retailers. For more information, click here.

Publication of Quantum Realities

We also publish Quantum Realities: A Journal of Speculative Fiction, a free quarterly science fiction e-magazine that focuses on speculative fiction. Quantum Realities will offer its readers short stories, poetry, articles, and book reviews. Its focus will be on cutting-edge and controversial subjects that stir not only the imagination but debate as well. For more information on Quantum Realities, including submission guidelines, click here.

Science fiction books you must read

Books can send you into a whole new world with fantastic creatures, adventures you would never be able to imagine and times, thousands of years before ours. The power of those remarkable novels is much bigger than the one we can imagine, because they can be anything, wherever and wherever they want it. If a place like that does not exist, then in can be easily created. Rules of the nature are also often changed and, especially in science fiction ones, things get far more excited than they are in real life.

Everyone knows what science fiction is, and in every group of people there is at least one person that loves it. According to this, between all the stunning New York escort ladies you can find on, there is at least one who is a total fan and reads all the novels, one can find related to SF. If you are new to this world, or want to see what others say about their favorite ones, then take a look on the following list. You will find one or two names, which you haven't heard of before, and maybe fall in love with what they have created.

One of the best and highest ranking science fiction books, to this day is Dune. This one is about a dessert like planet that is controlled by a group of people. Hierarchy plays a big role there and the writer, Frank Herbert took a lot of time to make everything perfect and logical. That's why so many love it and why other writers may never reach this perfection, because it does not only take a good story, but also a lot of thinking and planning. A New York escort will, on the other side, takes a lot of time to make everything perfect on her, from her hair, to her heels. People love seeing it and a beautiful lady will look even more stunning in an breathtaking surrounding and confidence which only a luxurious outfit can give you in such a city. The same happens when she travels, and she loves doing that. Tropic and sunny locations are the ones a New York escort lives for and wants to visit a couple times every year. If you can give this to her, then you can expect her to give you something you may not even know you was looking for - her time with everything you and your body would want.

The Book of the New Sun by writer Gene Wolfe is an impressive story, it first looks like a fantasy, and not a science fiction novel. Gene knows what makes a novel so incredible, and beside his stylish writing and good structure, he uses elements of other genres. That way even fantasy, mystery or crime fans will find something to enjoy in this book. New York escort will try to do the same, she will take the best out of everything and put it together. That way you won't find any mistakes or low quality stuff that she does. The plot of this science fiction novel is set a few thousand years in the future, when everything goes wrong and not many people are left to make the planet their home again.

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Mind Dimension Series and many others are also quite good. Almost every New York escort that is into reading and loves good writers, will know them and be able to recommend you one or two. Their writers are just incredible and do such different, but equally amazing things, to involve you in the story and make your own imagination work on the plot.